Saturday, August 25, 2018

All in

I was once scared to gamble,
Always on the sidelines playing along in my head,
wondering every time I was right "what if I had made a bet?"
But the thought of losing scared me

Even just a little seemed too much to risk
But one day you sat beside me and told me to let go just a little
"Have a little fun" you said, holding a beer in one hand and my heart in the other

So I placed a bet
Started winning a little here and there
I had forgotten about the chance of losing
I had started going all in
Lost in the high of the adrenaline rush

Then it happened, I had lost
I looked at you and you gave me a pat on the back, shrugged your elbows and said "tough luck kid" then you smiled, winked and walked off to the next table

I got lost in the fun of it all I had forgotten you've been doing this a long time,
You were betting lose change while i was betting everything I had earned my whole lifetime

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