Monday, June 10, 2013

Lucido-L, Will You Join Me on My Journey?

           People wake up to bad hair days, I on the other hand was born into a lifetime of constant hair troubles. My mom has thick, curly, and unruly hair, which thanks to years of experience dealing with it she is able to manipulate it to her liking. On the other side of the punnett square, my dad’s side of the family is known for having thick, wavy hair. Unfortunately for me, I had the worst of both worlds.


          When I was a toddler and up to my early childhood, I was fooled into believing that I had nice hair, just because it never really gave me any problems. I'd have it cut short, and sometimes grow it up to chin level, which wasn't pretty bad. Our helpers would tie my hair in a quarter ponytail, braid it, and it would look good, but genetics caught up with me soon enough. By the second grade after deciding I wanted to grow out my hair thick, curly, frizzy hair welcomed me into reality.

           Of course growing up, I was jealous of my classmates, especially coming from an exclusive all girl's school, surrounded by schoolmates whose mothers would help them and teach them the ropes of grooming their hair. I on the other hand, grew up with my father's aunt since the time my parents separated, and she was born with beautiful thin, straight, smooth hair, so there was really no one to guide me as to how to deal with my hair. She was also unaware of the different salon treatments offered for the hair, and even if she did she found that it was a waste of money.

         Thankfully I was able to experience having long, straight, silky-looking hair when I finally convince my grandaunt to allow me to get my hair rebonded as a gift for my 13th birthday. Of course, my hair had to grow out soon enough and I was back to having thick, unruly, curly hair. After being introduced to bangs, I just felt as though I could never live without. 

      Sometime during high school, I was finally given the chance to spend more time with my mother, who not only paid for my next rebonding treatment, but introduced me to what I thought would be the solution to my problems, blow drying. I didn't have the right equipment at home, so I would rely on visits to the salon and my mom's hair stylist, who eventually became mine as well, to work their magic. 

      Back in high school, we weren't allowed to get our hair colored, so by the time I hit my freshman year in college I was introduced to hair dye. My hair isn't just black, it's jet black, to the point that some people thought I had my hair dyed black. Don't get me wrong, I don't completely hate having black hair, it's just that it started to seem boring to just stick to one color, and I always loved the way my features would appear differently because of the change in my hair color. I highly favored having light hair over dark, which is why at one point I even resorted to bleaching. 

     I've been introduced to different things with regards to my hair, but one thing I never really adapted for myself was hair care. I always seemed to blame genetics for the condition of my hair, which is completely wrong. That's why I've decided after torturing my hair for far too long that I was going to establish my own hair care routine. 

    And as if sent as a sign by the hair gods, one of my favorite bloggers, Tricia Gosingtian, blogged about the secret to her beautiful, lively hair despite having her hair colored, bleached, and frequently styled, Lucido-L products. 
    I really want to try their Treatment Oil Perm, because its not so much my hair being curly or thick that I hate, but it being dry and how it frizzes so quickly. I've been starting to try out conditioners which are a bit stronger compared to other conditioners, because they were meant to correct certain hair problems, however thanks to Tricia's blog I found out that maybe it's not only the product which I'm using that prevents my hair from being moisturized properly but its inability to lock moisture in, and the Lucido-L Treatment Oil Perm helps with that. 

   Also, as a part of my journey to better hair, I have taken it upon myself to learn how to style my own hair, which would include blow drying my hair more frequently, and even running it through an iron here and there, but before I can do that I must first protect my hair using a heat protectant. Lucido-L's Styling Milk Curl would be perfect for the job. 

     I can't wait to finally find the hair care routine perfect for me, and I'm hoping that Lucido-L will be a part of my journey to better hair. 


  1. Thanks so much for this entry, though I hope you can take time to comment on the post itself via my DISQUS box under the post. I'm afraid that the Lucido-L people might overlook your entry! -Tricia