Monday, May 20, 2013

Bilboard Music Awards 2013

             From performance mishaps to echoing boos and a whole lot of set and costume changes, the Billboard Music Awards 2013 surely gave us a lot of things to talk about.


         This year's host is Tracy Morgan. Although I'm a fan of his humor as Tracy Jordan in "30 Rock" and his stints in "Saturday Night Live," his hosting didn't impress me as much as the past hosts have. His delivery seemed off and made it pretty obvious that there was a script to follow. 

         There were performances by Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, The Band Perry, Justin Bieber and a whole lot more, but for some reason the ones that really got my attention were Ed Sheeran, J.Lo featuring Pitbull, and of course Prince. J.Lo really showed off the performer that she truly is, and Ed Sheeran's performance was such a breath of fresh air apart from all the other performers who seemed to focus more on lip synching and all the other shenanigans. And of course, who could deny that Prince's performance was a great way to end the night.

          Some trends spotted on the red carpet were jumpsuits, cut-outs and a whole lot of sparkle.

          Stana Katic stuck to a simple yet sexy striped jumpsuit. Two other celebrities however chose to steer away from simple and donned some pretty interesting variations of jumpsuits. Miley Cyrus stuck to a more modest neckline, but went for the wow factor with the details in the print. Personally, throughout the show and while browsing through different websites for the red carpet looks, I battled whether I loved it or hated it. How about you? Love or hate? Nayer's jumpsuit on the other hand was something I knew exactly how to feel about. Not only did she go for a bold print, she nixed the idea of a neckline altogether. As much as I salute her for being so bold and daring, I didn't really like it so much.

Stana Katic 

Miley Cyrus


             Peek-a-boos were a trend seen in the Met Gala, and was very present in the Billboard Music Awards red carpet. Whether it be a little peek-a-boo through sheer fabric or some cut-outs here and there, these celebrities seemed to love showing some skin. Selena Gomez had three outfit changes, one for the Red Carpet, one for her performance and one to present an award. I actually liked all three dresses. The dress she wore on the red carpet was a sleek white dress with a thigh-high slit and some cut-out details and a hint of color here and there. Emmy Rossum sported a gown by who seemed to be the designer of the night, whose designs were also worn by Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez. I liked the  elegance that came with its silhouette and color mixed with details of sheer fabric. Jennifer Morrison on the other hand went for all-out lingerie. There are a lot of discussions as to whether lingerie inspired gowns are to be deemed acceptable as evening wear and there have even been attempts by designers like Pnina Tornai to introduce the element of lingerie into wedding gowns. Although I am not totally against the idea, this dress in particular didn't really sit well with me. What do you think? And to cap-off the peek-a-boo dresses on the red carpet is Ke$ha's risque dress. What appeared to be a modest dress had a big surprise on the side, a slit that showcased the singer's derrière. Although Ke$ha really did try to go for that more clean and put-together look by having a sleek hairstyle and putting on some beige wedges, this dress is definitely a big no-no for me. 

Selena Gomez

Emmy Rossum

Jennifer Morrison


         Although peek-a-boos are a trend that's fairly new, sparkle on the red carpet is a trend that seems to have some great staying power. Some celebrities chose to shine down the red carpet and throughout the evening. In true Taylor Swift fashion, she wears a blue sequined mini dress with some interesting details and mesh detailing. Taylor has been seen wearing glossy dresses dozens of times and this number didn't disappoint. While Taylor Swift dons a more modern style, Jennifer Lopez on the other hand goes for a more classic color, a timeless one in fact, gold. Gold seemed to be the color of the night for Celine Dion as well. Although Celine opted for a more structured, modern silhouette. Gold may be as timeless as her songs, but I'm not quite sure if this modern dress is for her. Radiant as she may be, this just might be a little too "young" for her. 

Taylor Swift

Jennifer Lopez

Celine Dion

         As dull as her performance may have been, Selena Gomez' gold dress for the performance is definitely one of my favorite looks of the night. I also liked how Nicki Minaj went with a beautiful red gown as oppose to her usual tight mini dresses. 
Nicki Minaj

Selena Gomez

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