Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Amongst the Stars : Nagsasa, Zambales

   This was the view that bid us a safe trip as we were to ride a boat from Pundaquit to Nagsasa. During the boat ride, which lasted for an hour, we were able to witness the sky turn from blue with a hint of orange, to pitch black with the stars shining as though they were projections in a planetarium. The beautiful sky above us, the salty smell of seawater in the air, and the waves kept us company and hindered us from getting bored. 

     A trip to Nagsasa is the perfect escape from the busy city, and don't even try to cheat during your stay in paradise by being attached to your phone, because once your there no amount of stretching your arm up or looking for different nooks and crannies in the place will help you find even just one flimsy bar of signal. 
      The trip from Manila to the cove was a good 5 hours, but believe me it was worth it, and the whole trip back and forth, plus our stay in the cove itself only cost us 1700 php each, a small price to pay for a short date with paradise. Nagasasa cove offers a camping and beach experience rolled into one,.

              Breakdown of expenses: 
                          Bus from Cubao to Olongapo                        207
                          Bus from Olongappo to San Antonio               60
                          Trike to Pundaquit                                      30 
                          Boat for 4-5 pax                                     1, 700   
                          Entrance fee                                              100
                          Trike to San Antonio                                   30 
                          Bus from San Antonio to Cubao                  367

         For a genuine break from the stress that the city brings, I highly recommend that you plan a trip to Nagsasa cove. 
A taste of the beautiful scenery during the boat ride 

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